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Your Appointment

When you book your initial appointment with us, you will be emailed an initial intake form to fill out; this form will be reviewed by your Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), prior to your first appointment.

At the start of your initial treatment, your RMT will take you through an Informed Consent Form to ensure that you understand the risks and benefits involved with massage therapy, have a thorough understanding of which areas will be undraped, assessed and treated, and to ensure that you are involved in decisions regarding your treatment. Every time you see a new therapist at our clinic, you will be required to fill out a new informed consent form. After signing this initial consent form, verbal consent will be documented and sufficient for subsequent treatments. 

(find information on the CMTBC Consent Standards of Practice here)


Following consent, we will go through a health history interview, to ensure that we have a thorough knowledge of your case. This is important in order to help us provide you with the best care possible.

The more we know, the better we can help!

After the interview process, an assessment will be performed. Depending on what you are coming in to see us for, this could entail a wide variety of assessment methods including, but not limited to: range of motion, neurological, strength or special orthopedic testing, palpating an area of complaint or tightness, or sometimes just a functional assessment of your activities of daily living. (find information on the CMTBC Standards of Practice here)

After the interview and assessment, we are ready to get you on the table! Your RMT will explain the treatment plan that they recommend for the session, and walk you through areas to be worked on. After you and your therapist have agreed upon a plan for your treatment, the remainder of your appointment will be spent in hands on treatment. At anytime, you may change, modify or withdraw permission/consent for an area or type of treatment.

At the end of your session, your RMT will likely recommend some kind of homecare - whether it be a strengthening or stretching exercise that they think would be of benefit, or a recommendation to apply heat or ice to an area that has been treated. Your therapist will also recommend when they think your next treatment should be, for the best care of your condition or injury.

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