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"Lara was amazing!!  She was very warm & welcoming and did a very thorough health history prior to starting.  I felt like she genuinely cared about my issues and went above & beyond to address them. The clinic was quiet, clean and inviting.  I will most definitely be back! Best massage I've ever had!  Bonus points for being able to book online."

Physical Therapist


"Matt has been my RMT for close to 3.5 years and I’ve been going for massage therapy for 15 years. Out of all the therapists I have seen, not one measures up to his level of knowledge or professionalism. His orthopedic approach to treatment has significantly aided in decreasing my back pain, from crippling at times to nearly nonexistent. Not only has he helped me in treatment but Matt also took the time and effort to teach me very specific exercises to help prevent my issues from getting worse. My frequency of treatments have since decreased from NEEDING to be at least once a month to one every 2-3 months for the purpose of maintenance NOT pain management.

If you want to ensure that your aches and pains will be thoroughly yet efficiently assessed (because EVERYONE loves the massage part best) and specifically treated then Matt is the RMT for you."

Back Massage


"I have been getting massage therapy fairly regularly, for various issues, for the past several years and I've tried several different therapists.  I can say without hesitation that Matthew is the best therapist I've ever had.  He is vastly knowledgeable, has a wealth of experience both as a therapist and as an instructor, and diagnoses and treats problems like I have never seen before. Professional, personable, really listens and gets to the heart of the issue."

Pressure point massage 2


"Matt is a clinically science oriented therapist. If you want someone who will assess and get to the root of your problems, this is your therapist. He keeps current on new research in orthopedic health care and has a talent for working with athletes."

Physical therapy on leg


"Amazing! Very impressed with everything, the location, peaceful atmosphere, the accommodations were new, clean, quiet, the rooms were warm and the bed was comfy and most of all the friendly professional experienced personnel.  I was made to feel at ease, I feel I was heard and my concerns were addressed. Close to home, easy to book in, I highly recommend. I will definitely be a regular."

Sports massage on leg


"I have seen Lara on three different sessions over a few months.
She gives a great massage; very professional, very friendly and their clinic is warm and spotless. I highly recommend their services!"



"I began seeing Matt for RMT treatments as a result of a car accident. With every treatment he genuinely listened to my description of how the injury was progressing and never discounted the symptoms I felt were related. I feel that his orthopaedic approach to treatment really helped to target the issues causing the pain and delivered lasting improvement. I am very grateful to have Matt as my RMT, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s got a killer sense of humour as well."

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